29 years since the overthrow of Hoxha’s statue, DP youths protests in front of the PM office

20/02/2020 18:47

The youth forum of the Albanian opposition FRPD held today a protest on the 29th anniversary of the Albanian communist dictator Enver Hoxha statue overthrow in the central square of Tirana.

The group of young people with placards in their hands appealed against the government of Edi Rama, blaming him for the under-developed state of the country.

Amid their cries “Because of the crime and the drugs, Europe has left us”, they demanded the restoration of dignity and hope, so that people do not leave Albania.

The protest was headed by FRPD chairman Belind Kellici, who also delivered a speech in which he said he did not consider Albania a good place to live.

“Albania does not deserve to be in this situation in the year 2020. The government has betrayed its mission, this prime minister has betrayed the youth. Albania is being robbed every day. Young people have chosen to leave the country as a form of protest. There are thousands of young people who really want change. Change will come and it will be brought by the Democratic Party. The first step will be the repeal of the law on Higher Education. In Albania ideas will boil and there will be hope”, stated Këlliçi.


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