Covid-19/ Retired gynecologist assists birth of baby in Peqin
03/26 16:34
Rama, Manastirliu visit the temporary hospital-quarantine for coronavirus patients
03/26 16:22
Albanian coronavirus map expands to Tropoja, number of infected rises to 174
03/26 16:09
Covid-19, Rama to interior minister: Citizens to stop group walks, groups of two or more to be fined
03/25 18:28
Ministry of Health: 146 affected by COVID-19 in Albania, 23 new cases in 24 hours
03/25 18:16
Opening of EU negotiations with Albania, Ambassador Kim: US will continue to strongly support reforms
03/24 17:56
President calls meeting of the Security Council, including Basha; Assembly to meet online
03/24 17:38
Opening of accession negotiations, EU Ambassador Soreca: A historic day for Albania
03/24 17:19
Covid-19 / 5 fatalities to date in Albania, infection map is expanded with a total of 123 affected
03/24 17:12
Authorities fine 14 businesses for holding open bars, restaurants, supermarkets in defiance of CoVid-19 prevention orders
03/23 20:02
‘Durres Loves Italy’, coastal city shows solidarity with epidemic tragedy in neighboring Italy
03/23 15:32
Covid-19 epidemic, Rama: This is a week of fire, we are entering the most dramatic phase of the war
03/23 15:15
CoVid-19/ Albanian Health Ministry: 15 new cases in the last 24 hours, 104 affected in the country
03/23 15:00
Covid-19 victim buried under strict security measures; Wife only present at funeral
03/23 14:45
Albanian volunteer medical students join doctors in fight against the coronavirus epidemic
03/21 16:12
“Water pumps and tear gas against traitor offenders”, Rama warns disobedient citizens: It’ll cost you very dear
03/21 15:59