COVID-19 / Reduction in infections, 3 losses of life, 79 infected and 69 recovered in the last 24 hours
07/31 20:06
Covid-19; Frightening stats from Kosova, 15 losses of life in the last 24 hours
07/31 15:40
Greece extends until August 14th the closure of border with Albania
07/31 15:05
Eid Qurban/ President Meta from the Bektashi Presidency: I wish politics to take the religion’s example of cooperation and understanding
07/31 14:59
PM Rama calls on extra-parliamentary opposition: Let’s sit down to discuss, 100% consensus is welcome
07/30 16:09
Constitutional changes, DP’s Basha: The quasi-assembly voted for Rama’s interests, the popular coalition against him will not be stopped
07/30 15:59
Constitutional changes, EU’s Pisonero: We regret lack of consensus, ‘June 5 agreement’ meets the criteria for EU negotiations
07/30 15:41
President Meta deems the amendment of the Constitution “unacceptable”
07/30 15:30
Electoral reform/ Albanian Parliament approves the constitutional changes
07/30 15:10
SP’s Balla attacks Shkëlzen Berisha: Where does he get so much income this man, what does he do?
07/29 15:52
Anti-Covid measures/ Minister Manastirliu: Discos and nightclubs closed, suspension of activity for violators
07/29 15:29
Denunciations in the Assembly on tenders / Minister Lleshaj: I invite you to knock on the prosecutor’s office
07/29 15:16
Covid-19 update/ Health Ministry says that there are 117 new cases and 4 losses of life in 24 hours
07/28 16:33
The river is eroding the lands/ Farmers in Shkodra protest, demand the construction of embankments
07/28 15:48
Opposition PD: File 339 is a state crime, SPAK must act and not hide behind finger pointing
07/28 15:36
File 339 arrests / PM Rama: 22 wrong individuals, in the wrong place and the wrong role
07/28 15:15