DP’s Tabaku: No one trusts Rama anymore, 800 thousand votes he can see only in dreams
07/08 16:14
40 million ALL additional subsidy for farmers, minister Çuçi: Almost all applicants will benefit
07/08 15:43
DP’s Basha accuses Rama: Is eroding the economy from within, Albanians deserve a responsible government
07/08 15:28
Covid-19, Health Ministry: Two other victims, 68 new cases and more patients in intensive care
07/08 15:06
Covid-19 / Meta-Manastirliu meeting: It is vital to increase the effectiveness of safeguarding measures
07/07 16:05
Pastor on self-sacrificed family in Tirana: The Josifi family did not attend the Tirana evangelical church
07/07 15:53
Covid-19, prosecuted positive 22-year-old who broke-quarantine by visiting her parents
07/07 15:25
Covid-19, Health Ministry: 2 deaths and 74 new cases in the last 24 hours
07/07 15:10
Basha with farmers in Devoll: PD’s government will provide 100 million euros a year subsidies for agriculture
07/06 15:47
COVID-19 doctor’s death, Meta: Urgent need for new virus strategy
07/06 15:28
Covid-19 / Health Ministry: 3 deaths and 71 new cases in the last 24 hours
07/06 15:18
Exclusive/ Survivor speaks of horror suicide Kombinat: Sister stayed 52 days without eating, overwhelmed by crises and ‘demons’
07/06 15:07
The Public Transport Association resumes work on Monday under tight health security protocol
07/04 15:34
Border police seizes 31,000 euros undeclared at Rinas airport
07/04 15:16
COVID-19 death toll rises, 67 infected in the last 24 hours in Albania
07/04 15:08
Anti-COVID measures, Manastirliu: Citizens’ health first, zero tolerance for violations
07/04 15:01