Court of Appeals sentences former chief prosecutor to 2 years in prison for concealing assets
09/22 15:05
Official campaign funds; SP spent three times more than rivals – SP 1.44 million euros/ PD, 390 thousand euros
09/21 20:22
DP head Basha: There is no return for Berisha, until matter is clarified
09/20 21:33
Body of the trapped miner is found in the collapsed Bulqiza gallery
09/20 21:23
COVID-19 update/ 5 losses of life, 849 new cases in the last 24 hours
09/18 17:59
No sign from trapped miner in Bulqiza, rescue teams: Difficult operation, team endangered
09/17 20:53
Opposition’s Basha rejects Rama’s promises: Most corrupt government in Balkans, borrowing more to pay off debts
09/16 20:38
Commitments of the new government, Rama: Increase of agricultural exports, as of June no more plastic bags in use
09/16 20:18
“Judges to be hanged in the centre of Tirana”/ Protesters demand justice for Sabrina before the Ministry of Justice
09/15 19:44
Tirana wakes up and darkens in traffic congestion, main roads almost blocked every day
09/14 20:30
10 thousand less children enrolled in the first grades of Albanian schools in 2021
09/14 20:15
Angela Merkel is received in Albania by PM Rama, meets the leaders of the region countries in Tirana
09/14 15:09
Mother tells of the tragic murder of her daughter by violent husband in Fier
09/13 21:52
New parliament starts with tensions/ Basha leaves the hall after accusing the socialists of regulation violations
09/13 21:23
Covid-19 update; 869 new cases and 4 losses of life in the last 24 hours
09/11 21:22
Oil spill poisons lands in Mallakastra, damaged tankers discharge into streams
09/10 16:29