Opposition clashes with socialists on electoral reform; Requires new judicial body
02/20 19:11
29 years since the overthrow of Hoxha’s statue, DP youths protests in front of the PM office
02/20 18:47
3,000 Albanian doctors have left for the West, for better wages and working conditions
02/20 18:30
EU ambassador Soreca: The 1.15 billion earthquake assistance will include transparency, accountability and close EU monitoring
02/20 18:18
“Air Albania” stadium gets artificial lights after turf is damaged in matches
02/19 18:58
Lack of qualified staff boosts number of foreign workers in Albania
02/19 18:39
Former ally denounces president Meta’s stance against the socialists as irrational
02/19 18:07
Albanian president sets 2-nd of March as the date of popular anti-government protest
02/19 17:53
FM Cakaj visits Kosovo, suggests abolition of the border between the countries
02/19 17:35
Albanian President Meta summons DP head to warn about socialist ‘coup d’etat’
02/18 18:43
Bulqiza tragedy; Mother and two children lost their lives poisoned by heating smoke
02/18 18:26
Rama: Earthquake reconstruction work, facilitated by foreign workers
02/18 18:11
Europe and the media praise the earthquake aid initiative for Albania
02/18 17:55
Kosova, town shocked as 5 family members killed in murder-suicide by police officer
02/18 17:10
Fails the bidding process for the Vlora TPP; was to run on liquefied gas
02/17 19:53
Earthquake donation conference; International community unites in 1.15b euros contributions for Albania
02/17 19:04